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DVS /ˈdē-vē-əs/ – departing from the common norm

I am a Detroit-based conceptual art photographer whose pseudonym, which began as an acronym for Dark Vision Studio, is a play on the word “devious”, to which I embrace the definition “departing from the common norm”.

NOTE: All work was created physically within the studio with nothing added digitally.

To me, the true art lies within all aspects of the physical creation of the vision that lead to the brief moment when the shutter opens and closes.  I enjoy creating unorthodox lighting environments, unusual photographic gadgetry, hand-made wardrobes and props to enhance the vision without need for any digital effects added in editing.  I am drawn to the “smoke and mirrors” technique of pushing the eye and mind to see what I wish through delicate perspectives, strategic shadows and a little dramatic flair.  I also love the inclusion of real elements such as fire and earth and am drawn deeply towards shadowplay in general.

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Inspirations: My inspirations are many, but primarily threefold.  The first traditionally stems from continually evolving spiritual explorations and lucid thoughts of self.  The second is perceptions of the model’s persona and overall essence to hopefully infuse these within the collaborative art.  The third is simply but most importantly music.  I always strategically choose music for my sessions to help direct the overall emotive aspect of visions we are creating together.

Artist Affiliations

· Producer/curator of DAMNED – An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness
· Producer/curator of the Krampus Night – A Holiday Benefit Extravaganza
· Producer/curator of the Detroit International Festival of Animation (DIFA)
· Founder and director of the Society of Models and Photographers (SMP) – A fine art photography shooting event
· Founder and director of the Syndicati Obscura – A Dark Arts Collective (now dissolved)
· Co-director and charter member of the Midwest Society of Erotic Photography (now dissolved)