devious   \de'-ve-us\   adj   -   Departing from the common norm

Here I am...trying to summarize within mere words the essence that is soul.   As someone whom thinks himself as somewhat creative, I humorously find myself at a loss of words.   How do I express the depths of experiences that embody my work and self?   Do I recite impassioned stories of forsaken loves?   Do I read from the inners scars of life-changing tragedies?   Do I reach to a past of inner hatred and self abuse?   Fling open the fiery hearth of hidden desires?   No.   Those stories have already been told and visualized through poetry and sculpture.   I am an artist.   Those four words summarize who I am...who I will always be...and how I am afflicted.   Afflicted to always seek beauty within the shadows of life.   Seek inspiration in those with amazing complexity.   And find my serenity within the work that aspires from it.

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There's also a few artistic nudes of me here.